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European yoga foreningen was started in 2007 in Bergen, Norway as a not for profit organisation to promote holistic health through yoga and natural therapies.

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We started as a free class in the suburb of Mohlenpris in Bergen Norway in 2006.
In 2007 European Yoga was registered as an idealistic organisation in the Norwegian register of entities with the goal “To promote holistic health through yoga and natural therapies” , investing it’s income into social benefit projects.
In 2008 we rented a small location in the Historic area of Bryggen and together with a few yoga enthusiasts made an “Ashram”, a place to practice and live together. Soon afterwards it became “By-Yoga” (meaning “City Yoga “ in Norwegian), we could run classes for 12 persons and it was pretty tight. .
By 2008 we were the first place in Norway to offer “Hotyoga” at By-yoga and it was so cold in the basement that we turned the bathroom into a steamroom to warm up faster before classes.
By september 2009, European Yoga opened a studio with the same name in Olav Kyrres Gate. It was the first centre in Norway run on a Non profit basis and offering teacher trainings, yoga therapy classes (together with Haukeland University Hospital and Läring og Mestring Senter LMS ) , classes for immigrant women groups (with Nysjanse Bergen), Indian dance, as well as special classes: light-therapy yoga, childrens classes and pregnancy yoga.
European Yoga inspired many new and independant yoga teachers in Bergen through promotion of yoga as a means to wellbeing as well as a number of teacher training course.
Some of our customers include: Haukeland Skole, Møhlenpris skole, Christi Krybbe, Eventyrskogen, Krohnengen, Haakonsvern Navy station, Sjøkrigskolen, Haukeland Hospital Studentsamskipnaden I Bergen (S.I.B.), Vikinghallen, Paradis treningssenter, Nr 1 Fitness, Sissels, Arna, Elixia, University of Bergen, Skattetaten, Kemner, Arbeidstilsynet, Statoil Sandsli, Senter for internasjonalisering av utdanning (S.I.U.), Bergen Kommune, Arstad Barnevern, Arstad menighet tensing, Allicance Francaise, Läring og Mestringsenter (L.M.S.) , Vi over 60 (Grieg Media) Svett og Blid, Fitness First, Robin Hood Huset, Röde Kors, Vitalitetsenter, Frivillighetsentraler Arna, Ytrebygda, Sotra, Möhlenpris. We were also the first to introduce yoga to steady patient groups like M.E, M.S, Fibromyalgia, Mental Health; Gyn.cancer and Breast cancer groups as well as special need for children.

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